Helpful information

1. Refúgio do Raposo is located in an isolated area with poor telecommunications signal strength. We therefore recommend using WhatsApp and/or other methods of contact via the internet. 

2. The nearest ATM machine to Refúgio do Raposo is in the village of Sobreira Formosa, about 11 kilometres and 16 minutes away (by car). 

3. In the village of Catraia Cimeira (on the western slope of the Serra das Talhadas, about 7 minutes from Refúgio do Raposo) you will find the nearest petrol station as well as restaurant facilities (including take-away) – at the Catraia Rural Hotel and at the petrol station restaurant. It is also in this same village that you will find the nearest grocery store (Minimercado Marques). 

4. Approaching Refúgio do Raposo from the Estrada Municipal (Municipal Road) (EM) 1314 and on some GPS devices and software you are given the indication to turn and enter a forest road near the village of Lameira. You should not follow this indication – the village of Casalinho da Ribeira, where Refúgio do Raposo is located, is reachable by tarmac roads and you will find an exit on the EM1314 (at location 39.774586, -7.765832) with a sign identifying and directing you to the village of Casalinho.

Rules of procedure



1. REFÚGIO DO RAPOSO is a tourist complex composed of three residences of Local Lodging, Country Houses and another one of Agrotourism that, being in accordance with the legislation in force, fulfils (as a condition of the respective installation and functioning) the general requirements, of hygiene and security, which are fixed in the Decree nº 517/2008, of 25 June, which is already in force. 



2. The management and administration of REFÚGIO DO RAPOSO is the responsibility of the owners. 


3. Prices to be paid by guests will be fixed annually and will consider the typology of the residence 



4. Payment will be made as follows: 

    a. The guest will pay a deposit at the time of booking corresponding to 50% of the total stay; 

    b. The remaining 50% will be paid upon arrival at REFÚGIO DO RAPOSO or, until 48h after of the arrival day, by one of the following means: 

       i. Bank transfer; ii. Online payment; 

       iii. or cash, in person.

    c. The occupation and/or use will be considered for minimum periods of 48H, starting at 4pm on one day and ending at 10am on the last day of the stay; 

    d. For weekly stays, the price includes the cleaning of the accommodation at the entrance, the change of bedding and towels in the middle of the week and also water and energy consumption; 



5. The client can cancel free of charge up to 7 days before arrival. The client must pay the full amount of the reservation if he cancels within 7 days
of the arrival date. In case of no-show, the guest will have to pay the total amount of the reservation. 



6. Guests must refrain from interfering with the actions of the staff serving in the residences. Any occurrence must be reported to the management or whoever replaces them. 


7. Every guest is responsible for the equipment and facilities they use. 

    7.1. Only kitchen utensils present in the house inventory may be used; 

    7.2. It is strictly forbidden to create fire and burn inside and around the houses and leisure area of the Refúgio do Raposo; 


8.Damage caused to the residences, as well as damage and misappropriation of equipment, are the individual responsibility of the person who causes them, or in the case of a group, the group leaders, or the person in charge of renting the residence will be responsible. 



9. DEPOSIT – the amount of £100 will be required, at the time of entry, in the residence, which will only be returned if it is in the condition in which it was handed over. (Occasionally a cheque is left the reception which will be handed in on departure).



10. Non-guest access: 

     a. Non-guests may only access the residences when accompanied by the guest, who shall be responsible for the visitor; 

     b. Visitors are not allowed to stay overnight in the residences; 



11. Laundry washing and clothes handling, where provided by a laundry machine, are permitted when agreed with management 



12. The laundry washing and clothes handling will be allowed in the places defined for this purpose, with users being obliged to comply with the basic principles of hygiene, safety, and order in the place. 



13. The access or permanence of pets is not forbidden but is limited to small animals and the owners are responsible for any damage they may cause. The permanence of the pet is associated a cost of 10.00€/day; 


14. The access of cleaning staff to the residences will be in accordance with established cleaning schedules; 



15. Independently of the cleaning service, for reasons of security and in cases of extreme urgency, the management reserves the right to enter the residence in the absence of the guest. 



16. Breakfast, at the request of the guests, will have a cost of 7,50 €/person/day and provided that they inform the management the day before;


17. The resort has a swimming pool which is used exclusively by the guests and common sense should be observed in its use, namely; 

     a. do not get into the pool without first having a shower; 

     b. do not use mattresses and/or balls in the pool 

     c. not disturb the tranquillity and well-being of other guests; 

    d. do not use the shower in the leisure area for washing body hygiene; 



18. Guests shall refrain from performing acts that disturb the normal life of other guests, including making noise at night between 10 p.m. and 8 a.m.



19. Guests must comply with the determinations contained in this Regulation and other internal rules.



20.Noncompliance of the established rules implies a warning. In case of recurrence the right of stay may be withdrawn. 



21. Upon admission, the user becomes aware of these Regulations, as well as the price list in force. 



22. Upon departure and after checking the existing material, the damaged or missing equipment will be accounted. 


23. Guests who intend to leave the residence on a different date from that initially planned should inform the administration at least 24 hours in




24. The extension of the stays will be subject to the existing reservations.


25. Holidays and festivals are considered high season.


The Management of Refúgio do Raposo | 

Telm. 914 655 063 


Registo AL (Vega): 74758/AL 

Registo Nacional de Turismo (Deneb): 8877/CC 

Registo Nacional de Turismo (Altair): 8877/CC 

Registo Nacional de Turismo (Casa da Ribeira): 8020/AG